Hellenic Halyvourgia owns modern industrial steel production units in Aspropyrgos, Velestino and Volos. The company runs two out of the five vertically integrated steel production plants in Greece.

Aspropyrgos Plant

The Aspropyrgos premises occupy 290.000 m2. The industrial complex is comprised by a meltshop, a rolling-mill for long products, a wire mesh plant, as well as covered warehouses. Following successive upgrades of the production equipment, the unit’s annual production capacity in finished products exceeds 400.000 tons.

Velestino Steel Plant

The second meltshop is at Velestino, just outside the city of Volos. It is located in a 265.000 m2 area. With ongoing investments in mechanical  equipment the plant’s annual production capacity in semi-finished product (billet) exceeds 700.000 tons.

Volos Rolling-Mill and Wire Mesh Plant

The second rolling mill and wire mesh plant are located in Volos, in a 145.000 m2 area. Since 1963, the Volos unit has achieved steady growth in production capacity. By installing a new rolling-mill and a state-of-the-art wire mesh plant, the unit’s annual capacity in finished products is over 600.000 tons.