The FitSteel wire mesh sheets are special mesh reinforcements that can be arranged with the main reinforcement being in one or two directions.

The FitSteel special mesh reinforcements can meet all construction work requirements, including the reinforcement of slabs, walls, foundation slabs and beams, while offering time and labor cost saving and ensuring strict compliance with design specifications.

Can be used as single flat sheets to reinforce surface structures.

Technical Characteristics
  • A broad range of options in terms of dimensions (length 0.80m to15.00m, width 1.20 to 3.45m), rebar diameter, reinforcement spacing and edge length.
  • The FitSteelwire mesh sheets have precise geometric characteristics (length, width and rebar spacing)
  • They are made of high strength and ductility B500C concrete reinforcing steel that is ELOT certified.
  • They are guaranteed industrial quality products manufactured in compliance with the Greek Steel Technology Regulation
  • Construction cost savings compared to traditional “manual” reinforcement
  • Will meet all the requirements of any construction project
  • Can reinforce both surface and linear supporting structures
  • Offer reliable consistency in reinforcement bar spacing
  • Are easily installed on site.
Production Range
Length( m) 0,80 – 15,00
Width (m) 1,20 – 3,45
Diameter of line rebars (mm) 6 – 25
Diameter of cross rebars (mm) 6 – 16
Line rebar spacing (mm) 75 and over
Cross rebar spacing (mm) 50 and over
Distance between opposite line rebars (mm) 3.200
Edge length upon request

Note: Due to transportation restrictions, the wire mesh length or width must be equal or less than 2.60m

The FitSteel special mesh reinforcements are available in two types:

FitSteel 1
The line rebars in this wire mesh are made of B500C steel while the cross reinforcements are Ø6 diameter round wire rods.

FitSteel 2
The line and cross rebars of this wire mesh are made of B500C steel