Steel Reinforcement Cages for Columns, Beams and  Walls. Custom made according to the quantity, dimensions, types and reinforcement schedules specified for each project.

steel cage stirrups are made of high strength and ductility B500C concrete reinforcing steel and are ELOT 1421-3 certified.

Our ForSteelplus steel cages for columns, beams and walls are manufactured according to the Greek Concrete Reinforcing Steel Technology Regulation and the Reinforced Concrete Regulation.

The use of ForSteelplus rebar steel cages in construction ensures strict compliance with project specifications since they offer absolute geometric accuracy in terms of both the spacing of the stirrups and the length and angle of the hooks.

Draw the reinforcement cage you need and we will manufacture it.

ForSteel Plus advantages
  • Made using B500Cconcrete reinforcement steel
  • Accurately spaced steel cage stirrups
  • Guaranteed contact between the longitudinal and lateral reinforcement
  • Construction cost savings
  • Reinforcement using only continuous stirrups
ForSteel Plus uses
  • Columns
  • Beams
  • Walls

Sample Rebar Cage Drawings